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Founder Em Roberts talks all things BIRD + WOLF……

When I was growing up my mother had a boutique selling second hand designer clothes. Women sold their unwanted or unworn designer clothes and of course, bought more whilst there! It was the perfect example of sustainable shopping - and that was back in 1985! 

So when I was searching for army style jackets I realised the answer was staring me in the face. Use the real thing!  Not only does the durability and the quality surpass a lot of todays factory made clothes, the sustainability factor was a no brainer. From my experience working in my mothers boutique to use clothes that were already made seemed to me to be a very ethical and sensible thing to do.

I have always been passionate about the environment and sustainability. All our packaging is recyclable and our boxes are recycled cardboard. We use hemp string instead of ribbon for all our labels and we don't use safety or gourd pins. I'm always looking at ways to reduce the company's footprint on the planet and help charities that are doing the same.

Love + humankindness is at the core of Bird + Wolf and we are always trying to share that message. I love that many of our jackets have had a journey. I love the wear and tear and some have the most amazing darning work on the collars! I love the distressed look of them. Also, some have the most incredible array of  badges. 

'Where there is perfection, there is no story to tell.'

Another element of Bird + Wolf that I love is it’s gender neutrality. I remember getting annoyed as a kid that mens and womenswear was separated. To be told what type of clothes to wear kind of got to me. Why couldn’t I walk into the mens department and buy that t-shirt or that jacket? I felt as a teenage girl people would be looking at me weirdly. Why weren't all the clothes just in one department? Why do we have to be told what certain genders should wear? That is why I love the fact that all our clothes can be worn by everyone. 

Bird + Wolf are, like many contemporary labels, debunking the idea that men should wear menswear and women should wear womenswear. All our range is gender neutral.

We believe that everyone should have a choice in what they can wear without boundaries or preconceived rules.

We also support various amazing charities by donating 10% of sales of certain limited edition jackets to charities we work with. Find out more >

‘The coolest brand on the planet’ – Katy Hill
Peace + Love
Em Roberts Bird + Wolf