Our Story

'Love + Humankindness is at the core of Bird + Wolf and we are always trying to share that message. I love that many of our jackets have had a journey and that we can give them another lease of life. 

I have always been passionate about the environment and sustainability, so when I was searching for army style jackets I realised the answer was staring me in the face. Use the real thing!  Not only does the durability and the quality surpass a lot of todays factory made clothes, the sustainability factor was a no brainer.

When I was a teenager my mother had a boutique selling second hand 'designer' clothes. Customers sold their unwanted or unworn clothes and of course, bought more whilst there. It was a perfect example of sustainable shopping - and that was back in 1985!  From my experience working in my mothers boutique to use clothes that were already made seemed to me to be a very ethical and sensible thing to do.

 Our embellished army jackets are a little platform to express yourself. An item of clothing that means something to you. Something you can keep, not throw away because it's out of fashion or it's worn through. The more worn it gets, the better it will look!

Whether it's one of our chosen statements that resonates with you or a bespoke statement that means something personally to you, the wording is your choice. 

Words are very powerful. They can take you on journeys and conjure worlds.  Words can lift you up or bring you down. They can change your life and they can change the world.'

Use your words carefully.
And most of all, always be kind.  xxx


Em Roberts Bird + Wolf
Em Roberts