Wild at Heart

10% of every ‘Wild at Heart’ jacket will be donated to the Wild at Heart Foundation. They exist to compassionately reduce the world’s 600 million stray dog population by organising and sponsoring rescue projects, neutering programmes, awareness campaigns and education initiatives.

The Sisterhood

Bird + Wolf are pleased to announce that 10% of all sales of their ‘WARRIOR’ jackets will be donated to The Sisterhood . Since launching in 2006, The Sisterhood has clocked up an incredible number of challenges, the Amazon raft race, Bosphorus swim, Costa Rico coast to coast race, Kilamanjaro, Venice Vogalonga and most recently ‘The Speed Project ’ - an epic 340 mile relay run from LA to Vegas. They have raised over £750k to date for charities including The UK Nepal Foundation UKSandsWalking With The WoundedThe Hummingbird Initiative and The Royal Marsden