Who Are We?

Often people ask me 'What is Bird + Wolf'? How would you describe it? I often find this a little tricky. It's like trying to describe a stream or the sea, or the sky. We all see it differently.  And, the truth be told, I don't want to describe it. If we describe a brand we are dictating an interpretation of it. We want Bird + Wolf to be whatever you want it to be.

We cannot define ourselves, for one day we might feel like a lone wolf and another we might want to be 'with the pack'. We might want to soar across oceans like a bird or nest to feel comfort and security. Like the bird and the wolf we choose our own paths, our own journeys our own interpretation of life and everything and everyone in it. 

We are who we are now, not yesterday or tomorrow.  We cannot expect others to understand exactly how we are feeling or who we are because we are constantly evolving. Our attitudes are our choices. We can repurpose ourselves. we can alter our paths, we can learn and clarify what we focus our energy on. We can choose quality over quantity. 

Our jackets are immensely durable, with each wear and each day they become more comfortable, more familiar, more a part of us. Like a favourite pair of jeans, with their rips or holes, they still remain the ones we feel most comfortable in.

Clothes do not define us. Brands do not define us. Each one of us different, individual, not one the same.

Undefinable. Unique.

Peace + Love
Em xxx