Just a quick note to say a big THANK YOU. We couldn't do this without you shouting about us and sharing the love for BIRD + WOLF. Your kindness and support means a lot.

We deeply appreciate the choice you make to buy sustainably. We continue to work with our manufacturers to ensure we adhere to all our principles and values when it comes to sustainability and ethics. 


Bird + Wolf are always evolving. Thanks to your feedback and kindness we are continually learning more about what our customers like and how we can improve.

We now offer a range of kids wear and even baby wear, so you can buy Bird + Wolf for all ages.


We are also learning more and more about circular economy and how important it is that we keep understanding more about new advancements in sustainability. 

Bird + Wolf also recognise that we have an integral and important role to play within our community. Being one of a number of sustainable labels located within a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve we are working alongside a growing community of businesses and brands to uphold the biosphere principles, which apply and align with the global efforts of thousands of people to ensure a sustainable future for our world.

So, we will not 'rest on our laurels'. Every day is a new day and an opportunity to learn more, evolve and adjust accordingly. We cannot just set a course because our world is changing continually, so we have to maintain an open mindedness and a flexibility in our approach. But we adjust and evolve through knowledge, through learning more about the world in which we live. The communities, the people, the environment..our ever changing world. 

We never take anything for granted and our gratitude is always driving us.

So, thank you again.