BIRD + WOLF are pleased to announce they are now under the umbrella of PROJECT EARTH at Selfridges. 



'Project Earth, our bold sustainability strategy, sets out our vision to reinvent retail and change the way we shop and how we do business by 2025. Built on three themes – transitioning to more sustainable materials, exploring new business models and challenging mindsets'


'Now, more than ever, we must double down on our efforts to reinvent retail with sustainability at its heart and a way of working which is regenerative for humans and nature.'

~ Alannah Weston, Selfridges Group Chairman



'Looking to enlist in some planet-positive practices? Well, let us introduce you to Bird + Wolf – the latest label to combat fast fashion, one garment at a time. Upcycled from authentic military uniforms, this jacket helps reduce landfill waste while giving this style a new lease of life. Cloaked in a classic camouflage print, it’s ranked with the original Campbell badge on the front and the British forces moniker at the arm'

~ Selfridges Says




'Bird + Wolf enlists a team of designers to help combat our current climate crisis one garment at a time. How? By upcycling authentic military uniforms and servicing them to have a new lease of life. Take the Stay True iteration, for example. Reviving a French officer’s army jacket, it’s swathed in a classic camouflage print, then is stamped with its planet-positive declaration matching across the back.'

~ Selfridges Says