BIRD + WOLF has launched a range of carbon neutral t shirts, hoodies + sweatshirts.

All of our new range is made using organic cotton, 155g/m2 and printed to order in the UK with low waste printing tech and made in a renewable energy powered factory. Printing to order means no dead stock or wasted products. 

'Our manufacturers are certified net carbon neutral. To achieve and maintain this, renewable energy is used in all our factories and producing products with organic cotton avoids chemicals made using fossil fuels.

As part of this commitment, our manufacturer owns a solar farm in the UK, which powers manufacturing operations. The factory they work with in India also owns two wind farms and a 150kw PV solar array.'

'According to a carbon trust study, about 70% of the carbon emissions from a typical T-shirt are from washing and drying, while transport of goods is about a tenth of that. Our factory is powered by renewable energy too, so if you're looking for CO2 savings, ease off the appliances and wash cool, hang dry.'

We have made our designs in different colours and sleeve lengths to suit everyone and are chosen to echo our vibe - kindness centric, living life to the full and caring about humanity + our environment.