Bird + Wolf dubbed 'coolest brand on the planet' by Katy Hill

Bird + Wolf are big fans of the fabulous Katy Hill, so we were delighted to be interviewed and featured in her 'My World' blog, and even happier to be dubbed "the coolest brand on the planet". Here's a bit of the feature...

"I LOVE finding new emerging talent and exciting brands. Like my current crush – Bird + Wolf – which I first discovered on the gram!  The new twist founder Emma Roberts was giving to military and utility wear made me excited, given my heritage of jumping out of planes and flying in fast jets!  Messages embellished with studs emblazoned on jackets, shirts and boiler suits – the potential for personalisation was endless.

Described as ‘Amelia Earhart meets Greta Garbo’ – I was ALL IN. And SUPER excited to receive my delivery of a stunning WARRIOR jacket.  Which didn’t disappoint! 

But, why stop there with the Amelia Earhart inspo?  I almost hyperventilated as I remembered my RAF Flying Suit from my Blue Peter days of flying with the Red Arrows.  I’m SUPER proud that I was the first civilian to fly a fully display with the team – in Red 1 – the lead jet.  (Jeremy Clarkson had attempted to just fly with them the week before, not a display, and couldn’t keep his breakfast down so couldn’t continue! *sniggers). So my flying suit is just a bit special.  And Emma agreed to customise it for me.  Probably my most prized possession in my wardrobe to date…. BOOM…

Katy Hill Bird and Wolf

So, I caught up with Emma to find the story behind the brand… The coolest brand on the planet - how did Bird + Wolf come about?"

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