Bird + Wolf are introducing a range of VINTAGE clothes to compliment our upcycled military range.

Bird + Wolf are passionate about sustainable fashion and are increasingly concerned more about the terrible environmental damage that fast fashion is causing. 

We want to do our part to help people embrace a more sustainable way of clothes buying by offering, not only our ex-army range but also a wider range of vintage + retro clothes - which we feel are the perfect partner to our upcycled army jackets. 

We will be adding products and collections to our vintage range more and more. We will not be adding according to seasons, just when we find items we love and want to share with you.  


'Tapping into the concept of a circular economy, shopping vintage is essentially a way of recycling fashion and preventing further waste production, by bringing life to pre-worn products.- Pebble Magazine 

'Millions of Britons are turning to refurbished and secondhand items in a bid to live a more sustainable existence, a new poll has found. One-third of adults are happy to buy previously owned items particularly as it helps the planet, according to the 2,000 respondents who took part' - Independent  

 'A growing body of research exposes the environmental hazards posed by the clothing industry... 'The production of clothing is very water-intensive. According to the 2017 Wrap report the average water footprint for a kilo of cotton (equivalent to pair of jeans and a shirt) is 10,000-20,000 litres. India and Pakistan are major suppliers of cotton to the UK, but both countries suffer from high levels of water scarcity.' - The Guardian
'According to WRAP, an estimated £140 million worth of used clothing—or some 350,000 tonnes—goes to landfill in the UK alone every year.' - Readers Digest

'Clothes don’t just miraculously appear in our shops. They are produced using materials, energy, water. And, of course, this production produced greenhouse gas emissions too. In 2016 the UK’s clothing was responsible for a huge 26.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions alone' - Medium