Did You Know?...

Did you know that Bird + Wolf is located in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve?

Our studios are based on the Isle of Wight, one of only three Unesco Biosphere Reserves in England. Our sustainable goals and values are and always have been a priority and strongly align with biosphere principles. Aligning with these values not only reiterates and reinforces the importance of our focus on sustainability within our business but allows for more development, learning and growth. 

Our studios are a short walk from our manufacturers, Teemill who we continue to learn from and be inspired by their dedication to sustainability and circular economy. A few miles away is the Ellen McArthur Foundation in Cowes who also continue to inspire, educate and revolutionise the clothing industry.

Within a few square miles of our studios there are internationally recognised environmental change makers. In the east of the island, Liz Earle also focusses strongly on eco values and discovering new ways to reduce their environmental impact within the skincare industry. 

As a sustainable brand we continue to learn and every day there is more and more to understand. Bird + Wolf is about integrity, authencity and truth and we needed to be confident about the sustainable and ethical values of our manufacturers, and we are. We had to know that what was being said was being done and our manufacturers, Teemill have gone above and beyond that. 


However, we are all continually learning more and more each day. This journey has just begun and we have a long way to go. We have to work together more than ever. We all have a part to play.

'To fulfil the criteria for Biosphere Reserve, people must live in the area. The concept of sustainable development depends on local support and involvement. The people living in the area are essential to Biosphere Reserves' In short by our own existence we are all intrinsically linked to our environment, wherever that may be, and we are all responsible for it.' 


'The bird is a symbol of freedom, hope and new beginnings.
The wolf represents strength, loyalty, knowledge and independence.'
These are our values. 
We are Bird + Wolf.