Bird + Wolf has 'teemed' up with Teemill. 


'Teemill were the obvious choice and partner for us when we were looking for a brand to supply our hoodies and t shirts.

Their eco values and forward thinking, not only fundamentally in terms of the environment and the level of care and attention into supplying the very best sustainable product but their technology and ease of use all ran parallel with our vision and values.' ~ Em Roberts, Bird + Wolf

Teemill .... 'makes products from natural materials, using renewable energy, and print products on-demand, in the seconds after they are ordered. By only producing what people need when they need it, we create efficiencies that, when reinvested, make sustainability an affordable, accessible reality.

Even so, the most important feature is not where Teemill products come from, how they are made or what they are made with. It's where they end up.

Unlike 99% of clothing that eventually goes to landfill, every product we make is designed to come back to us at the start to be remade. Instead of creating waste, we create new products from it. The technology we developed to make this modern, circular economy work is a solution we want to scale up quickly. When it comes to sustainability, climate change, the plastic crisis - we do not have much time. That is why we put it in a platform, online. That is why it is free to use.

'Clean, renewable energy is a vital tool to reduce the worst effects of climate change. Throughout our supply chain, renewable energy is used. We are proud to be carbon-neutral print on demand'